Yearly Trailer Maintenance Checklist | Trailer Sales Warren County

Crims Trailer Sales in Warren County knows that trailer maintenance may not always be easy. Properly maintaining your trailer, however, is key to avoid expensive upkeep later. Here is a list of what you should be looking for in you trailer every year.

1. Wheels

Your trailer’s wheels go through a lot. Especially after the harsh conditions of either the Summer or Winter months. Make sure that you make time to check your tires for any cracks, deflation, and traction. If you think that your tires aren’t holding up, then it’s probably time to replace. Tires are one of the most important parts of your trailer’s function, so be sure to be diligent about checking the tires.

2. All Things Brakes

Brakes are incredibly important for the safety of any trailer owner. Having improper brakes isn’t just important for you, but the other drivers on the road. You should be checking the brake assemblies, brake magnets, brake fluid, Hydraulic brakes, and the brake magnets. Make some time to check everything that has to do with these instruments as they could essentially make the difference between life and death.

3. Springs and Suspension

Make sure that you either check yourself or take it to a place to inspect how your springs and suspension are functioning on your trailer. Springs and Suspension are important to keep your trailer running smoothly and efficiently. If your trailer feels like it’s not running as smooth as it should, then it’s time to replace.

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