Surviving Pollen Season | Trailer Sales | Warren County

Crim’s Trailer Sales in Warren County wants to help all our customers find the right products for them. We know that a lot of people are dreading pollen season. It’s annoying having to deal with car wash after car wash. Here are 3 ways to deal with pollen season and your car.

1. Wiper Fluid Should Be Full

Pollen can accumulate FAST and you’ll be using a lot of your wiper fluid. Make sure you stay on top of your wiper fluid and even top it off before pollen season begins so that you can be ready.

2. Be Ready for a Car Wash Often

There’ simply no way around it. During pollen season, you need to be giving your car a car wash pretty regularly. Set aside some money just for car washes or even do it yourself at your home. You’ll also want to wipe down the interior because pollen can sneak in and cause a lot of allergy problems.

3. Make Sure Your Engine’s Air Filter is Running Well

At the end of pollen season make sure that you check the air filter in the engine to make sure that the air is flowing properly. Not only will this improve the functionality of your car, but it will also help you save money on gas down the road!

Need More Help?

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