Quick Guide: Trailer Types 101 | Trailer Sales | Warren County

Crim’s Trailer Sales in Warren County specializes in helping you find the right trailer for your day to day needs in not just Warren County, but Front Royal, VA, and surrounding areas. In fact, our trailer sales Warren County team can manufacture, sell, and service trailers. Whether you are in the market to haul 7 tons or 10 tons, you can certainly find what you need. Is this your first time looking for the trailer that is right for you? We can help you choose the right one. Already know what you need? Browse our products to find just what you need. Notably, we carry enclosed trailers, accessories, Gooseneck trailers, and the Boss snow plows.

1. Utility Trailers

these are made by professionals, for professionals. They are efficient for contractors and landscaping organizations.

2. Aluminum Trailers

these are resistant to rust and they can haul more items due to their lightweight. They can be used for one-person projects.

3. Dump Trailers

these are great for heavy duty, landscaping, or any work that requires 60 hours of work.

4. Flatbed Trailers

these are low to the ground, which makes them great for easy loading. They can also be for residential hauling.

5. Tow Dollies

Don’t want to do the heavy lifting? Let these do the work for you!

6. Landscaper Trailer

landscaper professionals have specific needs for their trailers. We carry high quality, well-designed trailers to make your job that much easier.

7. Enclosed Trailers

these are great for storing your landscaping supplies, or your other supplies. We have plenty of enclosed trailers for you to choose from.

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Since 1971, Crim’s Trailer Sales in Warren County has been supplying the valley with the very best in trailers, trailer accessories & trailer service. We take pride in providing the finest customer experience possible! We carry only the very best, highest quality trailer brands on the market.

Whether you’re gonna be hauling off that brush pile, getting that new riding mower or super juiced ATV, or haulin’ the next year’s supply of groceries home from the warehouse store…your life is about to get a lot easier with your tough new trailer from Crim’s.

Our trailers are built tougher and priced lower than anywhere we know of. Contact Crim’s for all of your trailer needs today!